UPDATE: April 03 2020

Much excitement here! After me sticking my fingers probably too much in the pie and annoying everyone, the cover will soon be finished and I am so excited about the artist who is doing my cover — I can’t wait for the cover reveal!

The MS will all too soon be back from its final edit, and to say I’m nervous is to not tell a lie. I started this journey so long ago. This manuscript has been through so many versions and so many edits. But this is the one that counts — after this, words get printed onto paper, and it’s all REAL. So it’s a bit scary! What have I missed? What have I gotten wrong? Argggh!

I can only hope there will be enough fanatic readers of the series that they will catch my mistakes and keep me on my toes. I’ve been a fangirl, and will always be a fangirl. I’m counting on fangirl and fanboys, and if you all don’t show up, it will break my heart….

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