Happy Villaintine's Day! 🖤 (Adding two items that were missed yesterday)

Also, if you didn't vote in the poll for best card, now's the day❣️

Hey all,

In my enthusiasm to get out yesterday’s newsletter, I managed to miss two important items, and I think I put the poll too far down in the newsletter, and I really had been looking forward to interacting with you all 🥺

So, let’s do it again with spirit this time! 🙄

First off, I didn’t manage to get out the link to the Amazon ebook sale that’s celebrating the glorious Bad Guy-ness of Kurgan. Blood Ad Infinitum is just $1.99, so if you don’t already have it, go snag it now!

Also, I had meant to drop in this song I’ve really been enjoying: Happy man’s shoes by TORRES, which has a pleasing gothy feel 🖤

OK, now, here’s that poll again, this time above the card options

Which is your favorite Villaintine's Card?

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And here are your choices again. Which I hope have given you a smile, or possibly a smirk 😉

OK, thanks for indulging me, everyone 💞 We’ll go back to your normally scheduled every two weeks newsletter schedule now. Have satisfying and rewarding February 😘


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