COVER REVEAL, Get Yourself an ARC. Who won the poll?

And a picture of Archie, of course!

OK, finally, what you’ve been waiting for, today is the COVER REVEAL of BLOOD TRIAD 🥁🥁🥁 With no further ado…

I ❤️ this cover sooooo much!

As you can see, the amazing Kwazi came back to do another cover, and even though his other covers are incredible, this might be the best one so far?

It’s gonna be a little longer before the book is available in pre-sale, but you can WIN A FREE ARC through The StoryGraph which is the app that’s come along (finally!) to replace the sadly ruined GoodReads. (You can import all your GoodReads information over!)

I adore The StoryGraph, and I’m going to be working with them as much as possible, because I firmly believe this is what readers need: a fully-featured Amazon-free alternative to Goodreads that is focused on community and a shared love of reading. Go sign up and then add me as a friend!

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Because it seems right now there is always a thing to tease you lot about, I have some huge, incredible news…but I can’t share it yet! But stay tuned to this channel for an upcoming Big Announcement.

News I can give you is that you’ll soon be getting a FREE STORY set in the world of the am’r. It’s going to be an incentive to get more people to sign up for this newsletter, but since you, in your excellent taste, have already signed up, you’ll get a reward for being an early adopter, as it were. You know, ahead of the crowd, too cool for school… Anyway, the story is in the final editing stage, and then we can move it along quickly to get it in your hot lil’ hands…

I’ve been expending too much time setting things up in Meta and Tiktok to improve sales and find new fans of the series. Last week was a series of frustrating fiery hoops I had to jump through to get stores set up on those platforms, etc. I hope this week I’ll be able to put all of it to bed, and get to writing you the next story…

And the results of the poll in the last newsletter are:

Firstly, more of you voted, so thank you so much for that! However, the above results don’t include the people who emailed me directly with their vote, or the other votes in from social media, so in the end, the Lesbian Gangsta Pirates from the 1800’s won. However, since there is such strong interest in punching Nazis, I promise that will be the next short story I write. So basically, everyone wins. (Including me. Because who wouldn’t want to write these stories?!)

Here’s a little snippet that some of you might have noticed, and maybe I made it too subtle for others, but one Nazi has already been dispatched in the series…

Remember in Blood Sine Qua Non, the Teutonic, icy-maiden Maria? Well, if you know your WWII history, you’ll remember that a lot of Nazis fled the downfall of the Third Reich to various South American countries. Here’s an article if you are interested in learning more.

Anyway, Maria was a former Nazi, hiding out in South America, now an am’r and well-beyond the kee justice system. Not beyond the am’r justice system (such as it is 🙄) however!

If you didn’t think of it at the time, but go back and read it with that knowledge, you can celebrate one less Nazi in the world along with me 🎉

OK, recommendations time, since I need to stop doing this newsletter (doing an enjoyable activity, that is) and go jump through some more fiery hoops 🙄

I’ve been profoundly enjoying Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen series on Netflix.

It’s everything you could hope for from a Guy Ritchie joint

Here’s your Archibald picture, as you rightfully demand:

Cheeky lil bugger is lying in my spot on the bed 😂

Have a good two weeks, and there will be lotsa good stuff in the next newsletter 👀


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