💥BXL AUDIOBOOK ROLLOUT CONTINUES, plus Amber Benson video footage 🎥

Come by Blood Triad & other books from me @ Ghost Ship Market this Saturday June 15

If you have been waiting for a different platform than Audible or directly from me, you now have the choice of:

You can also request your library to carry it, as it is on Overdrive and ready to deliver to your local library!

If there is an audiobook platform you prefer, hit reply and tell me to get my ass in gear getting it listed there!

So now the fun can really begin! My partner Lore was in the recording studio for the whole process, and got some incredible video footage of Amber Benson taking Blood Ex Libris up to the next level!

Here is the first taste of it:


This week I’m getting ready for another Ghost Ship Market. The last one was so much fun that I’m seriously looking forward to this one. The other vendors are all so much fun to hang out with, and the quality of customer who comes to this event is just top-tier: all freaks and geeks, nerds and kinksters, queer folk and just generally fabulous folk!  

If you are in New England this weekend, swing down for this sweet lil market, which runs from 2-7pm. There are excellent restaurants all around the area. And then of course, you can come back to ManRay at 9PM for Heroes New Wave and Post-Punk night, where you can put on your red shoes and dance the blues 👠👠

Oh, and while you cannot yet buy your copy of Blood Triad online, I will have advance copies at the event, and at a special Ghost Ship Market Price! So if none of the above details swayed you to visit, this one definitely should!

Come get a signed copy in person!

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That’s about it for this newsletter. My life has mostly been composed of working on IIP various projects, prepping for this coming Ghost Ship Market, and trying to find enough time to finish writing that lesbian gangsta pirate story (which is, I’m afraid, become its working title 😂) for you all.

However, there has been some evening chilling out and I’m so excited because my favorite TV show of all time is in the middle of a brand spanking new Season 4, so that’s my recommendation to you all, this newsletter. Watch EVIL on Paramount+

EVIL. Paramount+. Watch it and then chat about how amazing it is with me!

OK, I’m off to dive into my to-do list. Until next time, Be Good or Be Good At It! 😘

P.S. — my amazing outfit in the ManRay video above is from The House of Foxy — and they totally need to give me a sponsorship deal, because I can’t help but keep promoting their gorgeous, beautifully sewn clothing 😍



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